Zagreb Croatia’s Most Incredible Luxury Hotel | The Esplanade Hotel

Zagreb, Croatia is a beautiful town, one that is a “must-see” for 2016 – and for any luxury traveler, it’s essential to make the Esplanade Hotel your choice. The hotel, built in 1925 for those passing through Zagreb on the famed Orient Express train, is at the heart of the city and has been the choice for heads of state, celebrities and others who want the very best in their stay.

Walking into the impressive lobby, you are instantly struck by wall to wall marble and antiquities that dot the room. The concierge and reception desks sit conspicuously in the corners while visitors sip tea and coffee on the comfortable sofas. Hallways lead away from the lobby to the hotel’s restaurants: Zinfandel’s, Le Bistro, Oleander Terrace and Esplanade 1925 Lounge. And, the air is one of sophistication and relaxation.

208 rooms and suites were refurbished recently and boast a distinct white and green marble, cozy beds, plush robes, large closets, writing desks, flat screen televisions and commanding views of the city. As you move around the hotel, you can feel that other guests are happy to be here. They pour over their day’s shopping finds and make reservations at Le Bistro downstairs to indulge in the hotel’s legendary ┼átrukli (warm puffed pastry with cottage cheese and sour cream). Some partake in the spa in the hotel’s cavernous lower level.

Those visiting Zagreb should look to the Esplanade Hotel as a haven in the city. There really is no other choice that can meet the high bar set almost 100 years ago.

Photos courtesy of the Esplanade Hotel Zagreb.