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The world has changed a bit due to COVID-19, but our love of travel has not. We strive to bring you the most relevant, engaging and on-topic content that will help you navigate today’s “new normal.” The process may look different, but what’s waiting for you on the other side is just as exciting as before. We promise.

I’m Anthony Berklich

and I’m known for offering insightful, useful and in-depth information for readers interested in the world’s most exciting places. Through my own travels, I curate the very “best" hotels, food and experiences in any given destination. The “best" doesn’t always mean the most expensive, but, instead, an experience that elevates your travel.

Join me and a community of travelers who are interested in mindful, fulfilling journeys - travel that can change the way you view yourself and what you can offer the world around you.

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Food | Milan, Italy December 2022

The Top Italian Spirit 2023 | Martini and Rossi

An Italian icon in the alcoholic beverage industry

Food | Napa, California December 2022

America’s Top Wine Operation 2023 | Beringer

An iconic Napa Valley vineyard that is more than meets the eye

month of November

Travel | French Polynesia November 2022

The World’s Top Private Island Experience | The Brando

This private paradise is unlike anything you've ever experienced in the world

Food | French Polynesia November 2022

Bora Bora’s Must-Visit Dining Experience | Lagoon by Jean Georges

This restaurant, with its glass-bottom floor, is a true culinary destination in the South Pacific

month of October

Bohemian In Brazil

Travel | Trancoso, Brazil October 2022

Trancoso’s Top Private Home of 2022 | Villa Se7e

A self-sustaining architectural masterpiece in the heart of Bahia

Spain For Less

Travel | October 2022

The Top Low-Cost Carrier Between the United States and Spain | Level Airlines

This airline offers fantastic service as low prices

Lifestyle | New York, New York, United States July 2022

America’s Top Ventless Fireplaces | EcoSmart

A ventless, clean-burning fireplace that will transform your space

Lifestyle | New York, New York, United States July 2022

America’s Top Neon Creation Studio | Custom Neon

An affordable neon outfit that creates neon signs from the heart

Lifestyle | New York, New York, United States July 2022

The Ultimate New York Apartment | Palmer Industries

A company that creates truly custom metalwork for bathrooms and bars

month of April

Luxuriating In London

Travel | London, United Kingdom April 2022

London’s Top Hotel Of 2022 | Hotel Cafe Royal

A unique 5-star hotel in London like none other

Beauty | London, United Kingdom April 2022

London’s Best Manicure and Pedicure | Margaret Dabbs

A bevy of medical foot and hand clinics across the UK that can change your life

month of November

Food | New York, New York, United States November 2021

The Top Tequila Of 2022 | Clase Azul

This tequila brand takes an iconic spirit to new heights

month of October

Caribbean Calm

Travel | St. Barths October 2021

The Top Luxury Villa Rental Service On St. Barth | St. Barth Properties

A pointed and individualized luxury rental experience

Lifestyle | New York, New York, United States October 2021

New York’s Top Pest Control 2022 | MMPC

An Extermination Service That Truly Works

month of August

Italy Re-Ignited