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month of June

South Africa Reborn

Travel | Johannesburg, South Africa June 2021

The Top Luxury Flight Experience To Africa | Ethiopian Airlines

Flying in business class on this airline is a highlight of the journey itself

month of May

Beauty | Newport Beach, California May 2021

America’s Top Hair Restoration Expert | Mid-Journey

Healing from this hair restoration expert's surgery is as easy as can be

month of April

At Home In New York

Lifestyle | New York, New York, United States April 2021

The Top Luxury Coffee Machine Of 2021 | The Jura ENA 8

This coffee machine will transform your mornings into a moment of true luxury

month of March

Lifestyle | New York, New York, United States March 2021

New York’s Top Luxury Moving Service | Roadway Moving

A moving company with heart

Lifestyle | New York, New York, United States March 2021

New York’s Top Painting Service | NYC Painting Contractors

A crew of true experts where professionalism is top priority

month of February

Rwanda's Rise

Travel | Rwanda February 2021

Volcanoes National Park’s Most Luxurious Lodge | Virunga Lodge

A stunning lodge rising from the mist of the mountaintop

Travel | Rwanda February 2021

Rwanda’s Top Tour Company Of 2021 | Primate Safaris

A tour company with know-how and heart

Travel | Rwanda February 2021

Rwanda’s Top Airline For 2021 | Rwandair

This airline is one of Africa's fastest-growing carriers

month of January

Magical Kenya

Travel | January 2021

Northern Kenya’s Top Luxury Lodge Of 2021 | Sirikoi

A lodge that is in one of the most spectacular locations in Kenya

Travel | Nairobi, Kenya January 2021

A Stay At Nairobi’s Iconic Giraffe Manor

An iconic hotel that lives up to its reputation

Travel | Maasai Mara, Kenya January 2021

Sala’s Camp | The Maasai Mara’s Most Intimate Safari Experience

This small and personal safari camp is unlike any other

New York Clean

Lifestyle | January 2021

New York’s Top Dry Cleaning Of 2021 | Hallak Cleaners

A family-owned cleaner for over 50 years, there's no place better to handle your most precious garments

month of December

Ascent To Aspen

Travel | December 2020

Aspen’s Top Luxury Hotel of 2021 | Hotel Jerome

A hotel with authentic style, warmth and personalized service

Love For New York

Lifestyle | December 2020

The Ultimate New York Apartment | Chelsea Frames: Supporting The Community

This framer is one of a kind in their love for the local community